• Question: can you answer me question? How do I get super fast broadband?

    Asked by cake128map to Allanah, Daniel, Ryan on 21 Jun 2019.
    • Photo: Allanah Green

      Allanah Green answered on 21 Jun 2019:

      Get BT internet !!! haha joking it depends where you are differnet areas have differnet area speed. you can go on google and search the internet speeds in your area and what company offers you the fastest speed

    • Photo: Daniel Wye

      Daniel Wye answered on 21 Jun 2019:

      As Allanah said, it depends on where you live! I think the advent of 5G is aiming to change the way we use the internet, but it’s a very new technology, so we will have to wait and see if it can match or beat fixed line technology!

    • Photo: Ryan Smith

      Ryan Smith answered on 21 Jun 2019:

      Sadly, pay more. Although I’m sure if you look about then you will find better providers. I think there may be somebody here who will tell you to go with BT…