• Question: have you invented somthing clever like robot or a robot tv

    Asked by engineers123 to Ryan, Nadine, Matt, Emma, Daniel, Allanah on 9 Jun 2019. This question was also asked by jazz128bat.
    • Photo: Matt Keith

      Matt Keith answered on 9 Jun 2019:

      I’m afraid not yet! I’m working on inventing a new type of solar panel with a team of other scientists and engineers. Hopefully we’ll make something that works soon!

    • Photo: Allanah Green

      Allanah Green answered on 9 Jun 2019:

      Not yet !! I do think it would be cool to invent something that is used worldwide and it would be a big achievement.

    • Photo: Nadine Priestman

      Nadine Priestman answered on 10 Jun 2019:

      Not yet! however I have worked with and coded the vernie lego robots and I think they are really cool!

    • Photo: Daniel Wye

      Daniel Wye answered on 10 Jun 2019:

      I wish I had, but unfortunately not! A robot TV sounds interesting, and I don’t think anyone has invented one yet, perhaps you could invent the first?

    • Photo: Ryan Smith

      Ryan Smith answered on 11 Jun 2019:

      For my final year project I created a mobile robot that drove about remotely, and could move in any direction (even sideways). The idea was that it would drive somewhere and pick something up for you, and then bring it back. It was because in my placement year I had to walk for 5 minutes to get post every day, so I decided to make a robot that would do it for me! I am not sure if it counts as an invention (others have done it before) but it turned out quite cool.