• Question: What is your next step with your projects and what will it be about?

    Asked by away128cup to Allanah, Daniel, Ryan on 21 Jun 2019.
    • Photo: Allanah Green

      Allanah Green answered on 21 Jun 2019:

      BT have a lot of confidential projects coming up that should hopefully be exciting – they’re mainly to do with new technologies .

    • Photo: Daniel Wye

      Daniel Wye answered on 21 Jun 2019:

      We’ve just finished work for some more trials of the plane on the aircraft carrier, the next steps will be to work on increasing the capability of the jet.

    • Photo: Ryan Smith

      Ryan Smith answered on 21 Jun 2019:

      The next project I hope to work on is to do with “cold atoms”. Using some new technologies to precisely measure gravity. They can be sued to measure things like gravitational waves from black holes in other galaxies!